Welcome to Design By Hybrid, since you've made it this far your on the right track to getting the website you want and deserve. Buying a website shouldn't be a worrisome investment, with us your in the right hands.

Commonly in the web-design business, quality designers / developers get a bad name because many designers are simply not concerned with the well being of their clients. Rather they care only about receiving their initial deposit. Than such designers / developers disappear on you wasting your time and taking your money. That or some developers simply need your money to pay their outstanding bills and cannot work with you when it comes to billing. These of course are bad business practices and are not practices we conduct.

Let me take this time while I have your attention to assure you that with Design By Hybrid your making a safe and secure investment. Everything done thru Design By Hybrid is 100% backed up by a contract that both you the customer and us as a business agree upon. Rather than having a standard contract for every client we individualize the customer contract on a case by case basis. This ensures you get exactly what you pay for and we indeed get paid for the work we do. At Hybrid we believe in conducting business on a professional level only.

Thank you for taking an interest in Design By Hybrid and we hope that we can do business with you in the future.

Jared Cooper - Owner


Search Engine Optimization:

With Design By Hybrid signing up with Search Engine Optimization is never hit and miss. We always dedicate all of our efforts to be sure website comes up in the search engines with a ranking your going to be pleased with. Not only do we manually code every page on all of our websites to be search engine friendly but we manually submit your website into over 237 search engines world-wide.

Already have a website? Having trouble coming up on the search engines? Not a problem call us today and we can start getting back in the right directions to be seen on all the major search engines.

Available Hosting Plans


5,000 MB of Hosting Space
100 Email Accounts
5 MYSQL Databases
SSH Access (Secure Shell)
999 Gigs of Transfer
FTP, Stats
CGI, Ruby (RoR), Perl, PHP, MYSQL
Front Page Extensions
First Year Free w/ website*



10,000 MB of Hosting Space
500 Email Accounts
SSL Secure E-Commerce
10 MYSQL Database
SSH Access (Secure Shell)
999 Gigs of Transfer
Front Page Extensions
First Year Free w/ website*